Carrington Carr and Wishes 4 Kids

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After doing some research into the Carrington Carr group I was thrilled to read about the work that they do for charity. With so many deserving charities out there is can be difficult to choose which ones to support. So I like to provide support to various groups throughout the year. One of which was the Wishes 4 Kids charity which I became aware of when looking online.

Running the Marathon for a Great Cause

Wishes 4 Kids has been supported by the Carrington Carr group since back in 2003. They have been involved in some great fundraising activities and last year this involved running in the London Marathon. They managed to raise an impressive £1,200 through sponsorship which went to help children and youths affected by illnesses and abuse to enjoy a wish which they and their parents can treasure.

A Little Donation Can Make a Difference

After reading about the work that Carrington Carr has carried out over the years I was inspired to add a donation myself. There was a simple donation page where I was able to choose between making a one off payment or set up a monthly donation.  It was very easy to complete and I felt glad that I could help raise a smile on a child’s face, even just for a few moments as they enjoy their wish coming true.



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