Relive the Old West in Arizona

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Arizona has been one of the most prominent places in the entire Old West with numerous famous events that have taken place right in this region. The beauty of the Old West is still preserved in Arizona, with ethnic towns and villages liberally sprinkled all over the place. These little coves that are conserved in time transport you back into history and make you relive the enchanting era that was characteristic of the Old West.


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The three regions of Arizona – North, South and Central, house several museums, ruins and ancient monuments that exemplify the kind of lifestyle, culture and traditions that were followed through thousands of years. The place is a hot spot for archeological digs and explorations that turn up ancient artifacts and treasures regularly.


The Old West of Arizona has a bloody history that runs back to the 1500s. The Indian wars, gunfight of OK Corral, the forts, places where soldiers took shelter, served and trained for wars are prominent events and landmarks here. Wherever you go in Arizona, the Old West follows, just like the ghosts that inhabit the haunted places, which Arizona is so famous for.


Many parts of Arizona made wealth through copper mining. Although the mines shut down their operations decades ago, they have become the favorite of folklore spinners. You can listen to stories and visit several mines that are supposed to be haunted. A trip into the haunted land will take you through Bisbee, Jerome, the Grand Canyon and Tombstone where, supposedly, ghosts still take a stroll in the night searching for their lost families and loved ones. The spooky tour is a real thrill.


The ruins and ancient monuments in the Old West are always worth a visit. You can take a tour into the homes of the ancients. You can also find tools that were crafted for hunting thousands of years ago, which by some miracle of nature, have still been preserved. Areas around Phoenix, Wickenburg and Prescott are rich in such ancient archeological expanses. Towns also offer breathtaking views of natural landscapes. If you want to turn back time and travel to the Old West, you cannot do better than take a trip to Arizona.


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