Video Production

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If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to grow your business, and reach a broad customer-base then the video production that Activideo Communications can provide is just the platform for you.

Sound internal and external business practise is driven by open communication and the development of relationships between businesses, their employees and potential and existing customers. Extensive research has deciphered that video is one of the most effective way of grabbing and holding people’s attention. With this in mind video production is one marketing tool that all businesses should utilise.

As a tool to stimulate interest in your product or service video production can assist you in forming a successful marketing campaign. Here at Activideo we can provide practical marketing solutions for you business in the following ways:

Firstly, we can increase your sales turnover by increasing traffic to your website, reduce the bounce rates on your web page and educate any existing or potential customers on just why you they need to purchase your product or service in a clear and succinct way. Additional benefits of Activision’s video production are that this video production can train help to train your staff, circulate important company news and information and provide a solution for all of your digital signage solutions.

If you’d like to find out just how we can drive your business forward or to contact us and discuss any queries that you may have then you need only come and visit us online at:

Bring your future to the Present

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You have a long history of employment behind you, and you are looking forward to taking it easy and enjoying your retirement years. If you took out a mortgage early on in your life then you have probably paid off your mortgage now and you’re just waiting for your official retirement age. But if you are at the age of 55 or over then there is an option to retire now by using the option of equity release . Equity release schemes are becoming increasingly popular. They work by using a portion of the value of your home to sustain a comfortable lifestyle; and you can carry on living in your home for the rest of your life. You have the flexibility to do whatever you like with the cash that you release!

Enjoy your life!

So many people feel lost when they retire, as if their sense of purpose has evaporated. But this is the time of your life where you are free to explore the things you always talked about doing ‘if only you had the time and money’. Now you have both! Thanks to equity release you can enjoy your life without having to scrimp and save. So book that ‘Once in a lifetime’ cruise! Or volunteer for the charity that you’ve always wanted to help, because now you can!